Aid Climbing Seminar

Matt Jeffries Aid Climbing


Objective: the Spokane Mountaineers’ Aid Climbing Seminar is designed to introduce competent lead climbers to the principles, techniques and equipment specific to aid and big wall climbing. Upon completion of the course participants will have been introduced to the skills needed to climb longer alpine routes with potential aid pitches in addition to classic short aid routes. Examples of routes students climb upon completion of the seminar include the West Face of North Early Winter Spire or Town Crier.


Dates: This course is arranged/schedule as needed.

Cost: $99 per person*, maximum class size is four people.

Duration: Approximately 2 days depending on the specific learning objectives and location.

Location: The course is held throughout the inland northwest/cascades depending on the weather and size of the group.


If you would like to inquire about instructor availability and scheduling a date to take the course then please send an email to,


*The $99 course fee will be billed upon acceptance to the course.  The course is limited to 4 participants. All participants must be members of the Spokane Mountaineers. Join now if you are not a member already!

Course Specifics

Learning Objectives:

  • Aid specific equipment and its use
  • Placement of gear for aid climbing
  • Use of aid specific pro
  • Leading on aid gearFollowing and cleaning on aid
  • Hooking and use of ladders
  • Jugging, following and hauling
  • Understanding fixed lines in aid


  • Active Spokane Mountaineers Membership
  • Trad Lead Climbing School
  • Actively trad climbing and can provide recent reference climbs
  • Completion of Alpine Seminar and/or High Angle Rescue a bonus

Required Equipment:


Basic Climbing Items

  • Climbing Harness
  • Locking Non-locking Carabiners
  • Belay Device
  • Cordelette
  • Helmet
  • Rock Climbing Rack / Trad Gear
  • Rock Shoes

Aid Specific Gear - Please arrange to have the following aid specific items prior to the start of the course.

  • One Fifi Hook
  • One Gri-gri
  • Two Daisy Chains w/Dedicated Carabiners
  • Two Aid Ladders / Eitrers
  • Two Ascenders (right and left)
  • Approach/Wall Shoe

Application Process

To inquire about this course and to arrange dates please contact: