Wenaha River Trail
Troy, Oregon
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Advance planning for the annual club-sponsored service project on the Wenaha River Trail! Exact trip plan will be updated based on coordination with the Umatilla National Forest after we get some winter condition updates. Previous years' work has included brushing, treadwork, and log-out with crosscut saws. This will be a three-day, two-night backpack trip, self-supported (so we'll need to carry our trailwork tools in addition to our usual backpacking set-up). Tools and trailwork training will be provided, so no previous trailwork experience is required! The Wenaha River Trail starts at Troy, Oregon; it's approximately 5 miles to the Wilderness Boundary, then about another mile to the Crooked Creek Trail intersection. During the Grizzly Fire in 2015 the Crooked Creek bridge was destroyed, so we have modified our work plans to work up Crooked Creek, generally making it about as far as the Washington state line. If we have 12 or fewer participants, we might plan to camp within the Wilderness at the Crooked Creek crossing. If more than 12 people are able to attend, we'll camp outside of the Wilderness and break into smaller crews to complete necessary trailwork within the Wilderness boundary. Since this trip is south of Spokane and at a relatively low elevation, we generally enjoy spring conditions! Overnight temps may still dip below freezing. Participants will need work clothes, work boots, work gloves, & safety glasses, plus regular backpacking equipment. Maximum crew size of 20.