American Selkirk
Sep 25, 2021, 7:40 AM
Sep 26, 2021, 6:00 PM
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THIS BACKPACK HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO EARLY JULY I rarely lead a backpack, but this event is one of the best in our region. We will meet at the Super 1 in Athol at 7:40am and exchange cars and keys, then head to our respective trailheads. One group will go the the Two Mouth Lakes Trailhead NW of Bonners Ferry. The other group will drive up past Priest Lake, to the Wigwams Trailhead. Once at the trailheads, we will hike to an area between the trailheads, and set up camp. In the morning, after breakfast, we will hike to the opposite trailheads and our own cars. That way, we can go about our own way without having to meet up to exchange keys. PLEASE EVERYONE THAT IS DRIVING, PLEASE BRING A SPARE SET OF KEYS. This hike is only about 9 miles one way, and is moderately easy. The draw to this backpack is the views and scenery we will see along the way. More information will be available to those who sing up, or call me for more info. Please sign up on line and then call me at 208.659.8183. Group size limits dependent upon whatever the Idaho guidelines are at the time of this event.