Mullan, Idaho, USA
Jun 19, 2021, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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The two Stevens Lakes are alpine glacier-carved lakes near the Mont/Idaho border. Locally popular with backpackers, the lakes are often the site for the Mountaineers Mountain School snow practice. Maintenance needs won't be evident until snow melt but usual work is blowdown/debris removal, brushing, sign repair, and litter pick-up. Bring gloves, long pants, sturdy boots, lunch, water, and clothes for the weather. If you have long-handled limb loppers, bring them, but The Mountaineers will supply all other tools and safety gear. Hike is about 5 miles RT with 1500 feet of elevation gain to the lower lake which is where we'll be stopping with usual snow conditions. We'll meet at the Stevens Lakes Trailhead Parking Lot, accessed by taking the I-90 Exit 69 near Mullan, Idaho. Check out Rich Landers "100 Hikes in the Inland NW (Stevens Lakes)" for precise directions. If interested, give leader a call or e-mail so tools can be organized.