Stevens Peak
Apr 11, 2021, 7:40 AM - 6:00 PM
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I HAVE 4 MEMBERS SIGNED UP FROM 3.28. This trip was originally scheduled for 3.28. But that conflicted with Mountain School’s Snow Practice weekend. I’ve watched the cars since 1986. Also, keep in mind, I’ll postpone until I get a sunny Sunday. We will meet as far up the West Willow Road as we can drive. The start of this snowshoe splits off of the Stevens Lakes Trail just before it enters the woods. We will turn SE onto an old logging road. It will skirt the bottom of the “arrow” til about half way up the shaft, where we will turn uphill to the point of the arrow. This is a good spot for a break. The next step is to walk up thru the woods, staying on the ridge crest. In .75 miles the forest opens and the ridge for lunch is about a mile further. PLEASE CALL ME AFTER SIGNING UP FOR THIS SNOWSHOE ON THE SMI WEBSITE. 208.659.8183. You won’t be approved until we have talked. I will send out an announcement on the snowshoe, and what you need to bring. If anyone needs to drop out, PLEASE call me.