Mt Spokane
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Students will meet on Mt. Spokane in the Spokane Mountaineers Chalet parking lot for a 8:00 AM Trail Time with full packs ready for a weekend alpine adventure. We will climb to Bald Knob on Mt. Spokane for technical training and team building, practice our snow camping, prepare dinner and gaze at the stars. We will complete team-dynamics exercises, learn some basic belay techniques and build an emergency snow cave. Early Sunday morning, we will climb to the top of Mount Spokane and then practice self arrest. Be sure to bring your ice axe, harness/glacier package and helmet. Crampons will not be needed unless specified by directors prior. On Sunday, after self arrest practice, we will break camp and return to the Chalet parking lot. This exercise is on regardless of weather. (Cost $270 for entire Mt School course. Must be accepted into Mt School 2018 or instructor to attend.)