Knothead Valley Loop
Painted Rocks Lot
Apr 30, 2021, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Map & Navigation Backpack School Hike (open to general Club membership within 3 days of event). Knothead Valley Loop Hike ~7 miles/1100' gain, challenging. Bring an overnight/large backpack with your 13 essentials, extra clothing, first aid kit (blister pack), food & water, and a topographic map of the area. We will stop periodically to monitor our route and break at the top for lunch. A mask is required at the trailhead check in. Directions: Trailhead located in the Painted Rocks Parking Lot on Rutter Parkway. Discover Pass required. All participants must read and adhere to the COVID Code of Conduct posted on the BPS 2021 page. Hikes are limited to 12 students. *Instructors will inquire whether individual students wish to be approached for aid in map reading. Masks on. My cell (509) 590-6502