Leigh Lake, C.M.W.
Jun 12, 2021, 8:40 AM
Jun 13, 2021, 6:00 PM
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THIS TRIP IS FULL Of all the hikes/paddles in our region, Leigh Lake stands out as the very best of the bunch. We will meet up at the Athol Super 1 at 8:45am, and leave at 9am. The first stop will be at the Clark Fork Pantry for cookies and a sandwich, which we will eat at the next stop, Big Eddy Campground & Launch, on the Clark Fork River. On the way to dinner at Henry’s in Libby, we will walk the Ross Creek Cedars and Kootenai Falls for spectacular side trips. We will camp at a primitive campsite below the trailhead, and hopefully, be on the trail to Leigh Lake by 8am. Please bring the following for each person. No exceptions please. 13 essentials, car camping and cooking gear, largish backpack, hiking poles, sturdy boots, lunch and trail snacks, personal sun protection to include lotion, hat, thin gloves, sun glasses, and sit pads. If the weather is nice, a dip in Leigh Lake after lunch makes for a nice walk out. Please bring clothing for any and all weather conditions. It can be cold, or blistering hot. Things I will supply. 4 Rafts, 4 paddles, 4 PFD’s, 2 air pumps, and a map of our trip. The rafts fold to about the size of a basketball, and weights about 7 lbs. If you would rather bring your own, please let me know. The longer your paddle, the better. Please sign up on line, AND CALL ME, at 208.659.8183. Also, please be aware, if the weather isn’t good, I may postpone or cancel. And, if the winds are up on Leigh Lake, when we get there, there will not be any paddling. Winds have only been a problem maybe 6 times in the last 40 years.