Otis Orchards Library Meeting Room
Otis Orchards, Otis Orchards-East Farms, WA, USA
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Join the Hiking Committee for our winter & early spring planning meeting, covering December through February (& beyond for those who plan ahead!). Current hike leaders may begin entering events any time, up until the November 1st deadline. Those interested in becoming hike leaders should review the information that can be found on the Hiking Committee page documents tab, "Activity Leadership Questionnaire." Anyone needing a club map, this would be an excellent night to arrange pick-up. Please let Holly know which one(s) at least two days ahead of time. We'll be focusing on snowshoe & desert hikes, but also in advance planning for Backpack School 2019 & starting to look at the 2019 dayhike & backpack schedule. Please email any discussion items to Holly by 10/7. (Note, the library is closed on Fridays, so if you arrive a little late & are locked out, please call 808-0887.)