White River Falls, Washington, USA
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Looking for adventurous hikers interested in circumnavigating Glacier Peak, one of the most beautiful mountain in the Cascade Range. Total hike is approximately 88 miles with 18,000 elevation gain/loss. All but ~2.5 miles will be on maintained trails, including the PCT for just under half of the way. For ~2.5 miles will be traveling off trail over a mountain pass. This may involve traveling over some snow. We will leave Spokane early on the 19th for the 4 hour drive to the trail head at White River Falls. We will start our hike on arrival at the trail head. Goal is to hike up to 12-13 miles daily so that we are able to finish in 8 days, although I've planned for 9 days just in case. Trip is for fit, experienced backpackers only! Gear sharing encouraged to keep pack weights light.