American Selkirks
American Selkirks
Sep 15, 2019, 6:40 AM - 7:00 PM
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Last Roctober I led this day hike, but had to alter the route due to snow. This year I will lead it on September 15, with the hopes there is no snow on the route. We will meet at the Super 1 in Athol at 6:45 am, with a leave time of 7am sharp. The drive is up 95 past Sandpoint for 10.5 miles to the Samuel, and the Pack River Road 231. From 95, the Beehive trailhead is 17 miles up the Pack River Road. The Beehive Lake trail is 4.5 miles one way, with another 4 miles for the upper loop, and gains a total of about 3500?. After reaching the lake, we will take a snack break before heading up above the south end of the lake for the loop. Up high we will find a very scenic location to have our lunch. Then, on up to the Selkirk Crest, for incredible views. Walking north we will access the ridge between Beehive Lake and Little Harrison Lake, and descend it to Beehive Lake. This ridge is where in the late 50?s, past member Frank Hefferlin led this same hike and climbed a prominence along the ridge. I will bring some of his images from the 8 photo albums he left us. From here its about a mile back down to Beehive Lake, and another 4.5 miles back to the trailhead. We?ll take a short break at Beehive to purify water and have a snack before heading down. PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING: 13 essentials, rugged boots, Second Skins for blisters, trekking poles, lunch & trail snacks, dress for all weather conditions, and don?t forget your camera (fully charge your batteries and have lots of memory available.) PLEASE CALL ME AT 208.659.8183, AFTER REGISTERING ON OUR WEBSITE. IF YOU DO NOT CALL ME, YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED ON THIS HIKE. If people are interested, we can stop in Sandpoint for dinner after.