Shedroof Divide
Salmo Priest Wilderness, Hike # 14 in 100 hikes
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July 12 Friday, Meet my house, 22515 N Orchard Bluff Rd, Chatttaroy, at 12:00 Noon, drive to Salmo Pass TH. Hike 3 miles to camp at Junction of trail 512. July 13 Saturday Hike 8 mils to camp at Junction with trail 313. July 14 Sunday hike 8 miles to Pass Creek TH and drive home. This will be a key exchange with the other group starting at Pass Creek TH. July 12 Friday hike 3 miles to camp. July 13 Saturday hike 5 miles to camp at Junction with trail 313. Sunday hike 11 miles to TH at Salmo Pass and drive home. Limit 6, 2 cars. Galen Chamberlain