Mountain Gear Corporate, East Mansfield Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA, United States
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Maybe you have always wanted to start a training program but never really known where to start. Come on out and join us as we dive into the world of fitness and training. Whether you want to climb Mt. Adams next season or something much larger and harder this seminar will help you start a training plan to accomplish your goals. We will base all of our material out of the book, "Training for the New Alpinism" by Steve House and Scott Johnson. While this is a free seminar and books are not required it is highly recommended to purchase the book so you can use it as a resource over this upcoming training season. Some of the topics that we will discuss include: - Getting started with a training plan - Periodization Training - Heart Rate Zones - Picking both long term and short term goals - Lessons we have learned - Resources to help you along the way If there is enough interest we will continue with a Part 2 towards the end of the year to check in with how people are doing and discuss other training topics. Please RSVP by joining the event so we can plan for how many people are coming.