Nov 11, 2020, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Join us for our first attempt at a Trailhead Hangout with the Spokane Mountaineers! This topic started as a joke: Luke makes every effort to cut pack weight, & Holly really doesn't care so long as she can pick the pack up by herself. We thought a seminar on lightweight versus heavyweight backpacking should be a thing, or at least it could be entertaining. Attend if you'd like to receive lightweight backpacking tips from Luke...and don't ask Holly for any tips on cutting pack weight, but do feel free to ask about favorite locations in the Inland NW, as her day job is with Washington Trails Association. Luke's base pack weight is 16 pounds. Holly has been known to carry 50 pounds on 25 mile dayhikes. We each put in over 1400 miles annually on local & regional trails, and we're happy to talk trip ideas, too. Please see the "discussion" section of this event for the Zoom log-in details.