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About the Spokane Mountaineers

Snow-covered mountainThe Spokane Mountaineers is an organization devoted to the conservation and enjoyment of the out-of-doors. By joining the Mountaineers, you have chosen to adopt these principles for your own and become a participant in some of the most exciting and enjoyable activities available in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1915 by a group of librarians who loved to hike, the club has grown to incorporate an amazing range of activities for members of all ages (15 and up) and abilities. Backpacking, day hiking, bicycling, skiing of all varieties - the Mountaineers have it! The annual schools and clinics are a wonderful testimony to the enthusiasm Mountaineers have for teaching others and to their firm belief that, although the dangers of mountaineering and the out-of-doors can never be ignored, good instruction can help minimize those dangers.

Few other cities in North America has been the home to so many climbers of world class caliber, including several individuals who have summitted Mt. Everest and others who have climbed Aconcagua, Cotopaxi, K-2, Huyana Potosi, Makalu, Ama Dablam, Trango Tower, Kilimanjaro, Denali, Dhaulagiri, Nanda Devi, Kanchenjunga, Gaurishankar and peaks in Europe, Russia and Canada. The Spokane Mountaineers can proudly take credit for sponsoring many of these climbers. Join us. You may not make the summit of Everest, but you can take part in the spirit of mountaineering and all the other activities of the Spokane Mountaineers.

Our Mission

"The purposes for which this Association is formed are: To encourage a spirit of good fellowship among lovers of outdoor life; to maintain a program of mountaineering trips, including mountain climbing, scrambling, backpacking, hiking, skiing, ski touring, snowshoeing, and bicycling, and provide capable and experienced leadership for all trips; to educate aspiring mountaineers in the skills of mountaincraft; to endorse the principles of mountain safety as prescribed by the climbing code and, when called upon, to provide all possible aid to mountain accident victims; to create greater public awareness of the intrinsic value of our wilderness, forests, waters, primitive parks, and monument lands and to seek the preservation of the natural beauty and scenic value of this national heritage; to preserve by the encouragement of protective legislation or otherwise the natural beauty of our great out-of-doors."   -- By-Laws of The Spokane Mountaineers