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Club Event Changes Due to National Health Emergency

  • Greetings Mountaineers,

    With the current state of affairs surrounding the National Emergency COVID-19 pandemic, the club will be taking steps to comply with proper protocols regarding group gatherings. The bad news is that Backpack School and our March General Membership meeting are cancelled. If you are registered for Backpack School, you will be hearing from the school directors regarding tuition reimbursement. The Mountain School directors are weighing their options since the program is already under way. Students will be updated accordingly.

    The good news, at the moment, is that outdoor events should continue to take place at the discretion of the event leaders. We will not be stressing carpooling so that folks can reduce close contact, but there is presently no reason for us not to get out there and enjoy each other’s company (at a reasonable distance) on a hike, paddle, ride or ski trip. The club will indeed try to provide a bit of relief, exercise and fresh air so we can maintain a healthy body and a healthy attitude towards these interesting times.